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Gary Oldehoff is an attorney with more than 30 years of experience who offers a nuanced approach to the law and a highly focused application.

Resolving Local Governance Issues

Towns and cities are bound by many regulations, and often these may seem disparate or even impossible to resolve. Whether determining if your city counsel can take an action or evaluating election compliance, the legal ramifications of a misstep can threaten the stability of your city and the legitimacy of your local government. It is better to be overly cautious than to rush to action.

Attorney Gary K. Oldehoff has over 30 years of experience guiding cities, election boards and other government entities across Florida’s east coast. With his meticulous approach and wealth of knowledge, you can obtain trustworthy and dependable guidance. Contact his office in Stuart at (772) 919-1040.

Working With Gary K. Oldehoff PA

At Gary K. Oldehoff PA, effective strategy and thoughtful action are the priority. Florida’s legal community holds the firm in high regard. The firm offers community-tailored solutions to issues like:

  • Contractual obligations and relationships between local governments and private companies and utilities
  • Disputes involving conflicts between local ordinances and state regulations
  • Compliance issues with elections, school administrations and other state-mandated events or programs

Mr. Oldehoff leverages decades of experience in municipal law and other areas of civil litigation to develop legally sound, optimized cases and find the answers local governments need to move forward. His work also extends to zoning and development issues within city or town borders.

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To reach out to Gary K. Oldehoff PA and seek a resolution to your issue, please call the office at (772) 919-1040 or send a detailed email.

Consulting With The Firm

Preparation is the key to long-term success. Schedule a consultation with Mr. Oldehoff by calling the office or reaching out to the firm online.