Proven Legal Prowess With An Artful Touch

Gary Oldehoff is an attorney with more than 30 years of experience who offers a nuanced approach to the law and a highly focused application.

An Experienced Attorney With A Broad Spectrum Of Expertise

Finding an attorney with the right experience and expertise for your legal matter can be a challenge. Gary K. Oldehoff PA has a broad range of experience and practice, and assists clients in a number of areas including:

  • Zoning Law: assisting individuals and businesses with determining the allowable uses of property, and assisting individuals and businesses with changing their zoning and obtaining development permits for their land or defending individuals and businesses in matters of code enforcement
  • Land Use Law: assisting individuals and businesses with using their land in accordance with federal, state, and local land use laws and regulations – including as well changing regulations and challenging regulations and decisions, or defending local governments when their land use decisions have been challenged
  • Administrative Law: assisting individuals and businesses in matters involving government agencies
  • Corporate and Commercial Law: assisting individuals and businesses with their business and corporate needs, and with resolving their business issues and disputes.
  • Appellate Law: advocating on behalf of individuals, businesses, and local governments in all the appellate courts
  • Eminent Domain: assisting individuals and businesses with assuring their property is not illegally taken by the government, and with assuring that individuals and businesses receive full compensation when their property is legally taken, or assisting local governments with lawfully acquiring private property and paying just compensation
  • Local Government Law: Assisting city and county governments with all areas of local government law, including (but not limited to) advising governing boards, legislation (ordinance and code writing), employment, procurement, annexation, risk management, Sunshine Law, Public Records Law, the Harris Act, and intergovernmental dispute resolution.
  • Defamation: Our lawyers have represented defendants in highly significant and complex media law cases, including Miami’s ABC affiliate, the 20-20 news program, and the New Republic magazine. We are familiar with the arcane and complex rules applicable to public figure status, privileges, and damages in the libel and defamation context. We are also at the forefront of the intersection of new technology, and the internet, and defamation law.
  • Constitutional and Civil Rights Law: assisting individuals and businesses with preserving constitutionally protected rights and protecting against discrimination, or defending government employees and local governments claimed to have violated constitutional and civil rights
  • Environmental Law: assisting individuals and businesses with obtaining permits from government agencies, and challenging attempts to upend protections established for the preservation or protection of land and the environment, or assisting local governments with complying with environmental laws and regulations

Decades of experience

Gary Oldehoff is a Florida-licensed attorney who represents civil cases ranging from land use to corporate law. With decades of experience litigating on behalf of clients, his “velvet hammer” approach balances compassionate understanding with a firm fight. His extensive knowledge gets proven results, and his experience enables him to navigate all the potential factors that can come into play in a civil suit, helping clients obtain the most ideal outcome possible for their case.

A Robust Roster Of Services

The full scope of Gary K. Oldehoff PA practice areas includes:

  • Constitutional and civil rights law: preserves constitutionally granted rights and protects against discrimination
  • Environmental law: challenges attempts to upend protections established for the preservation of land and the environment
  • Zoning law: establishes and enforces what types of construction can take place and where
  • Land use law: ensures that the use of land for commercial or business purposes coincides with regulations and legislation
  • Administrative law: governs and oversees government agencies
  • Corporate and commercial law: establishes and regulates commercial and business operations of all kinds
  • Appellate: dispute resolution that examines and debates the finer points of the law and legal system
  • Eminent domain: parses out the rules allowing the federal government to take private lands for public use on the condition that adequate compensation is provided to the person relinquishing the land
  • Local government law: oversees the scope and function of local government, including procedures and elections

Mr. Oldehoff has wisdom and a drive to fight for his clients and get them the justice they deserve no matter how complicated their cases may be. His experience as an appellate attorney working in all varieties of commercial law and its intersecting practice areas sets the stage for a successful trial.

Be Ready When Your Case Goes To Trial

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