Legal Agility With A Midas Touch

Truly impactful lawyers combine knowledge, wisdom, and experience with analysis, precision, and preparation to accomplish the best results for their clients as effectively and efficiently as possible. Gary Oldehoff is an attorney with exceptional legal credentials and more than 30 years of experience, who approaches his client’s matters strategically and effectively.

Serving Your Legal Needs For Over 30 Years

For more than 30 years, attorney Gary Oldehoff has helped individuals, businesses, and government agencies at the highest levels with their legal needs. He is thoroughly invested in providing high-quality legal representation and counsel to all individuals, businesses, and government agencies. His depth of experience in highly detailed areas of law like land use and environmental law, local government law, eminent domain, administrative law, civil rights, defamation, and arbitration is rare in the legal community.

Mr. Oldehoff understands that careful preparation and compelling case presentation are more valuable than courtroom theatrics or lofty promises.

Excellence In Civil Litigation And Land Use Law Across Florida

Mr. Oldehoff understands that preparation and quality case construction are more valuable than theatrics or lofty promises. At Gary K. Oldehoff PA, you can feel confident that all your options will receive a full examination, that the underlying structure of your case is sound and that you have maximized your opportunities to succeed.

Attorney Oldehoff has wisdom and a drive to fight for his clients and get them the justice they deserve no matter how complicated their case may be. His experience as an appellate attorney working in all varieties of commercial law and its intersecting practice areas sets the stage for a successful trial.

Gary Oldehoff

Working Across The State In Multiple Practice Areas

Mr. Oldehoff’s practice areas are wide ranging. The list below highlights a few prominent areas of his practice. If you have an issue regarding civil litigation or land use and environmental law not listed below, please feel free to reach out and inquire with the office.

  • Constitutional and civil rights law
  • Environmental law
  • Land use and zoning law
  • Eminent domain
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Local government and administrative law
  • Appellate

Find out more about Mr. Oldehoff’s practice areas here.

The Gary K. Oldehoff PA Priorities

Mr. Oldehoff and the firm focus on offering all clients access to three critical things:


This means more than knowing the legal basics for your case. Mr. Oldehoff’s prior cases have helped create Florida law in civil litigation and land use law and other practice areas and is an active contributor to the legal discourse.


After assisting hundreds of clients and developing an extensive reputation in Florida’s legal community, Mr. Oldehoff has the wide range of experience and the local context you need for success.


At every step of your legal situation, Mr. Oldehoff analyzes your options and the potential paths your case may take. His focus is on optimizing your outcomes and getting long-lasting results.

Work with the firm for results-oriented service that prioritizes personal care and thorough action.

Consulting With The Firm

Preparation is the key to long-term success. Schedule a consultation with Mr. Oldehoff by calling the office at (772) 919-1040 or reaching out to the firm online.